Rowan Companies Employee Benefits and Discounts

Rowan Companies Employee Benefits and Discounts

Likewise other companies, Rowan Companies offers its employees a plethora of benefits, perks and discounts during their employment.

Rowan Companies Employee Benefits Packages offers a competitive package of pay, benefits, discounts, with choice and flexibility for their employees and dependent.

If you are looking for a place to find accurate information on Rowan Companies Employee Benefits in 2022, then you have come to the best place on the web.

In this article, I am going to share detailed information about Rowan Companies Employee Benefits, Rowan Companies Employee Discounts, and other useful details.

So, read this post carefully to find out complete information on employee benefits at Rowan Companies.

What are the benefits of working at Rowan Companies?

Rowan Companies is a British offshore drilling and well drilling company. The company has dedicated itself to the growth and development of its diverse teams of workers, from interns to experienced professionals to military servicemen and women transitioning into civilian life.

Eligibility for the benefits depends on employment status; full-time or part-time, length of service, and position within the company.

Read below what attractive benefit you can get besides handsome salary packages as a part-time and full-time employee at Rowan Companies.

Rowan Companies Healthcare BenefitsRowan Companies Career Benefits

Rowan Companies offers the following career benefits for its employees –

  • Career planning:
    • Evaluate its employee’s potential and direction of careers.
    • Develop employees’ skills to gain new insights into the industry.
  • Development Resources –
    • Offers an extensive range of great resources for professional and personal growth.
    • Promoted to participate in exceptional workshops and learning groups
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Offers free coaching and mentoring programs to empower employees’ strengths and help them to grow and increase productivity.
  • GED Reimbursement:
    • A valuable GED reimbursement policy
    • Participates with 1/2 of the costs.
  • Onboarding: To provide personalized support for new team members
  • Leadership programs: Offers superior courses and seminars for all to encourage them to grow as a leader.
  • Tuition Assistance –
    • Tuition Reimbursement Program
    • Pays full costs for college degrees and job-related certificates
  • Recognition programs: To identify dedicated team members and are properly rewarded for their efforts.

Rowan Companies Healthcare Benefits

Rowan Companies offers remarkable career benefits for its employees including –

  • Counselling:
    • Free counselling program for its employees and their family members on nutritional and fitness information.
    • Provides emotional and support psychological to overcome stress and related problems.
  • Dental plans:
    • 100% coverage for preventative dental care and a few complex dental procedures
    • Compensation for dentures and braces
  • Health insurance:
    • Healthcare coverage for numerous exams and procedures.
    • Comprehensive health plans
  • Vision Plan:
    • A superior Vision Plan covers all kinds of eye-related medical assistance.
    • Additional option to covers the costs of glasses and contact lenses.
  • Healthcare Spending Accounts –
    • Tax-free healthcare spending accounts for medical necessities.
    • No charges and no deductions.
  • Maternity Support Program:
    • A good maternity support program for expecting mothers
    • Provides access to helpful resources for its expecting team members

Rowan Companies Employee Benefits Packages

Rowan Companies Financial Benefits

Rowan Companies offers superb financial benefits for employees for its employees and their families including –

  • 401(K) PLAN:
    • The company matches up to 6% of 401K deductions
    • Offers a valuable vesting schedule with a gradual increase of 25% per year.
  • Life Insurance –
    • An exceptional life insurance program containing dependent policies
    • This policy pays up to 3 years’ worth of salary to beneficiaries.
  • Childcare Discount:
    • An outstanding childcare discount policy.
    • Offers attractive rates for all eligible childcare centres
  • Adoption assistance reimbursement –
    • An impressive Adoption Assistance Reimbursement program.
    • Employees get reimbursement for the expenses of adopting a child.
  • Parental Leave: Rowan Companies offers a superior parental leave policy for expecting mothers and fathers including adoption, surrogacy, and foster care.
  • Bonus Pay: Offersremarkable bonuses for efficient and hardworking staff providing extraordinary results.
  • Commuter Benefits:
    • Offers superb commuter benefits for eligible team members.
    • Cover various commuting expenses like trains, buses, and parking expenses.
  • Short-term disability program to have financial stability during the difficult periods.
  • Daycare Spending Account – Cover costs of daycare while working.
  • PAID VOLUNTEER TIME OFF – 50 hours of paid volunteer time off.


Rowan Companies offers the best and most employee benefits and discounts to its employees during their employment. And also after the termination of their employees depending on the service time.

Hope that you will be satisfied with the details shared by us.

If you found something incorrect or not added to this guide, then please let us know by commenting on us.

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