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All of you, welcome to this piece. In this article, I’ll talk about the discounts and benefits that Giant Eagle employees get.

Giant Eagle is happy to tell their employees about the company and what it has to offer.

Giant Eagle’s goal is to provide a good place to work with opportunities for career growth. Every worker is very important to the team, the mission, and the success of the company.

Giant Eagle Employee Benefits & Perks

Giant Eagle employees have a safe and friendly place to work, and there are a number of Giant Eagle Employee Benefits Programs that are designed for Giant Eagle stores, warehouses, and corporate offices.

Giant Eagle Employee Benefits

Giant Eagle Employee Perks

You may be eligible for all or any of the following perks, depending on your position and location:

  • Paid for by the company
  • Life insurance paid for by a company
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Long-term and short-term disability
  • Plans for medical, dental, and eye care
  • Coverage for Drugs on Prescription 401 Plan with Employer Match – Non-Union Team Members
  • A program to help team members
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Advantages of Adoption
  • Paternity Leave Health Benefits for the Spouse

Wellness and Health

Giant Eagle is known for how much it cares about its employees’ health and happiness.

The unique “Live Well” program at Giant Eagle helps its employees reach their goals for themselves, their families, their fellow Team Members, and the community as a whole.

Among the voluntary initiatives are:

  • Gym Perks
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Life Resources
  • Biometric Health Screenings
  • Free Preventative Care
  • Free Flu Shots and Pneumonia Vaccinations
  • Retirement Planning and Investment Education
  • Physical Activity and Weight-Loss Challenges

Additional Benefits

Giant Eagle’s Team Members also get a variety of “perks” in addition to the benefits that Giant Eagle offers.

One benefit is that they can get discounts on everyday items at their grocery stores and do quick banking at their credit union, Omega Federal Credit Union.

Giant Eagle Support Center

Corporate Primary Address

101 Kappa Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
The USA.
Phone Number: (412) 963-6200

Final Words

Did this article help you learn more about the benefits that Giant Eagle employees get?

Please share your thoughts in the box below. You can also talk about what it’s like to work at Giant Eagle Company, if you work there or have worked there before.


Do Giant Eagle employees get discounts?

10% employee discount. PERKS add up too!!

Does Giant Eagle match 401K?

A 4.5% 401k matching is pretty decent. The best thing about the 401K Plan at Giant Eagle is that you have free financial planning support and education services online. The best thing about the retirement plan at Giant Eagle is that it will be enough for you by the time you retire.

Are Giant Eagle My Perks better than fuel perks?

Guests in the perks program will earn perks on purchases during transactions when they are redeemed, maximizing earning potential. In fuelperks+, perks are not earned during redemption transactions. More time to redeem.

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