Jewel-Osco Employee Benefits – Jewel Osco Perks


Jewel Osco Employee Benefits

Who doesn’t enjoy the benefits? Jewel Osco goes above and beyond to appreciate their employees & make their lives easier.

Take a look at some of the wonderful Jewel Osco Perks of being a part of their team.

Jewel-Osco Team Member Benefits

Employees at Jewel Osco have access to a wide range of benefits. For additional information on the perks available, see the list below.

There are bound to be many items that pique your curiosity.

Salary scales are very attractive in this company. Employees who meet certain criteria are eligible for a variety of benefits.

Jewel-Osco Employee Benefits

Employees also receive complimentary name tags and uniforms from the corporation in addition to these perks.

Jewel Osco Health & Wellness

If you qualify for benefits under the plan’s guidelines, you will receive the following benefits:

✅ Vision

✅ Dental

✅ Medical (with Wellness Incentive options)

✅ Prescription drug coverage

✅ Employee Assistance Program

✅ Life Insurance

✅ Flexible Spending Account

✅ Access to walk-in store clinics

Jewel Osco Financial Benefits

A job at Jewel Osco might help you financially in more ways than just your compensation.


The following financial perks are available to eligible hourly and salaried employees.

✅ 401(k) retirement savings plan

✅ Paid training

✅ Paid vacation & holidays

✅ Associate discount

✅ Park spot discounts

✅ Credit Union access

✅ Scholarship programs

✅ Weekly paychecks with direct deposit available

Jewel Osco Perks

Perks can take a decent job experience and turn it into a terrific one!

The company provides some fantastic benefits that assist their employees to achieve the ideal work/life balance.

✅ Flexible work schedules

✅ Long-term career advancement

✅ Fun and engaging work environment

✅ Management training programs

✅ Summer internships

About Jewel Osco

Jewel-Osco is a grocery business based in Itasca, Illinois, that serves the Greater Chicago area.

Jewel-Osco has 188 locations across northern, central, and western Illinois, as well as eastern Iowa and northwest Indiana.

Jewel-Osco Employee Benefit

Albertsons, based in Boise, owns wholly-owned subsidiaries Jewel-Osco and Jewel.

Final Words

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